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Fri Nov 9 17:20:08 CET 2018

On Fri, Nov 9, 2018 at 4:24 PM Jan U. Hasecke <juh+ntg-context at mailbox.org>

> Hi all,
> I defined some colors with \definecolor like this:
> \definecolor [myblue] [r=0.000, g=0.314, b=0.580, c=0.98,  m=0.67,
> y=0.03, k=0.12]
> \startnotmode[print]
> \setupcolors[cmyk=no,rgb=yes]
> \stopnotmode
> \startmode[print]
> \setupcolors[cmyk=yes,rgb=no]
> \setupbackend[
>         format=PDF/X-3:2003,
>    intent={ISO Coated v2 300\letterpercent\space (ECI)},
>    ]
> \stopmode
> When I use "context" or "context --mode=print" everything works as
> expected.
> But! I have SVG icons I want to use in the document. They contain the
> above defined rgb colors.
> When I use --mode=print I get different colors for the SVG icons.
> So context converts the SVG files to PDFs but does not change the colors
> accordingly to CMYK.
> What are my options? Do I miss something?
> 1. Let the designer produce icons in pdf with the given cmyk colors.
> 2. Don't use cmyk colors at all.
> In fact on my home printer the printed rgb colors look brighter than the
> cmyk colors. This might change in the print shop when they print with
> the right color profile, but it makes me nervous.

I think you should use the best colorspace (<something>rgb )
and let the print shop do its job -- of course this means that you have
signed  their sample (hard proof) of your project.

Hraban ?

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