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Andrea Valle valle at di.unito.it
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Dear all, 

I have a simple issue I can’t solve.
I have chapters in a book, and I have placed a foreword before.
I’d like not to have the number in the foreword, and to start the numbering with the first chapter.

I followed this
https://www.contextgarden.net/Titles#Unnumbered_titles_in_table_of_contents <https://www.contextgarden.net/Titles#Unnumbered_titles_in_table_of_contents>

and I have been able to remove numbering from the first chapter, also from TOC. Fine.

I am not able to reset chapter numbering, my first chapter starts still with 2.

How can this be done?

I'm using for first chapter

  [title=Overview of Notation Semiotics]





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