[NTG-context] Issue with ligatures before dashes

Rik Kabel context at rik.users.panix.com
Tue Oct 30 17:32:29 CET 2018

This was reported on the LuaLatex list yesterday, and I extended the 
example to include ConTeXt compounds. From my test folder:

    %% No ligatures before dashes! Reported as: “ligatures before
    %%   dashes not working with LuaLaTeX 1.07.0” on comp.tex.luatex,
    %%   2018-10-29 by Toni Dietze. This is also a problem with ConTeXt,
    %%   and is a problem with compounds as well. The problem is worse
    %%   with 1.09.0: With 1.07.0 (6686) it fails with the bare hyphen
    %%   but had no problem with en-dash, em-dash, and the compounds
    %%   shown below. With luatex 1.09.0 (6930) it fails with bare
    %%   hyphen and all shown compounds except |=|.

           \bTH[nc=2] Non-compound\eTH
           \bTH[nc=2] Compound\eTH
           \bTD -     \eTD \bTD off-course\eTD
           \bTD \|-\| \eTD \bTD off|-|course\eTD
           \bTD –     \eTD \bTD off–course\eTD
           \bTD \|–\| \eTD \bTD off|–|course\eTD
           \bTD —     \eTD \bTD off—course\eTD
           \bTD \|—\| \eTD \bTD off|—|course\eTD
           \bTD       \eTD \bTD                  \eTD
           \bTD \|_\| \eTD \bTD off|_|course\eTD
           \bTD       \eTD \bTD                  \eTD
           \bTD \|=\| \eTD \bTD off|=|course\eTD

In one 300-page book, this hits a few times (off-course, 
oft-repeated,...). Not the worst problem, but clearly a regression.

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