[NTG-context] Bibliography sort and name-hyphenation issues

Rik Kabel context at rik.users.panix.com
Wed Oct 24 21:55:23 CEST 2018


Given this example:

      \enabletrackers       [publications.authorhash]
      \startbuffer          [bib]
            title       = {Traite de Dynamique},
            author      = {Jean Le Rond d’Alembert},
            publisher   = {David l’aîné},
            address     = {Paris},
            language    = {french},
            year        = {1743},
            author      = {Charles Darwin},
            title       = {The Descent of Man and Selection in
                           Relation to Sex},
            year        = {1871},
            publisher   = {John Murray},
            address     = {London},
            author      = {John Dee},
            title       = {Monas Hieroglyphica},
            year        = {1564},
            publisher   = {Gulielmus Sylvius},
            address     = {Antwerp}
            language    = {latin},
            author      = {Daniel Defoe},
            title       = {An Essay on the Regulation of the Press},
            year        = {1704},
            publisher   = {sine nomine},
            address     = {London},
            title       = {The Essayes of {Michael} {Lord} of {Montaigne}},
            subtitle    = {Done into {English} by {John} {Florio}},
            volumes     = {3},
            volume      = {1},
            author      = {Montaigne, Michel de},
            introduction= {Thomas Seccombe},
            translator  = {John Florio},
            origlanguage= {latin},
            publisher   = {Grant Richards},
            address     = {London},
            year        = {1908},
            origyear    = {1603},
            author      = {John Digby and others},
            title       = {{Epicurus’s} Morals},
            publisher   = {Sam. Briscoe},
            year        = {1712},
            address     = {London},
            author      = {Joseph-Marie Quérard},
            title       = {Les supercheries littéraires dévoilées, galerie
                           des auteurs apocryphes, supposés, déguisés,
                           plagiaires, et des éditeurs infidèles, littérature
            year        = {1850},
            publisher   = {Imprimerie Maulde et Renou},
            address     = {Paris},
            language    = {french},
      \usebtxdefinitions    [apa]
      \usebtxdataset        [bib.buffer]
        \placebtxrendering  [method=dataset]

I expect to see a bibliography (reference list in APA terms) in the order:

    de Montaigne

But the actual result is quite different (see attached), with de 
Montaigne following Digby, no hyphen between the initials in the Quérard 
entry, and an odd handling of d’Alembert. (The authorhash does have the 
hyphen for the Quérard entry.)

So, the question is, what can be done to get the desired (APA defined) 
order (alphabetize letter-by-letter, ignoring spaces, capitalization, 
hyphens,  apostrophes, periods, and accent marks)?

Beyond that, what can be done to get Montaigne sorted with M entries 
(displayed as “Montaigne, M. de” or “de Montaigne, M.”)?


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