[NTG-context] insert natural table at the top left of some png

Damien Thiriet damien at thiriet.web4me.fr
Mon Oct 15 20:11:25 CEST 2018


I am still working on maps and facing some new issue.
The program I used to design one map is not convenient for writing key
to symbols, and what I have is a map.png file with big spare space on
its upper left corner.
So I have either to write on the png with ImageMagick or GIMP, 
or have a nicer output with ConTeXt.

I wrote this legend file.


path p; p:= (0,0) -- (20,0) ;
drawarrow p withcolor black ;

path p; p:= (0,0) -- (20,0) ;
drawarrow p withcolor \MPcolor{canaux} withpen pencircle scaled 2pt;

   \bTH 1) \eTH \bTH Le milieu \eTH \bTH 2) \eTH \bTH Les activités \eTH
   \bTD \externalfigure[illustrations/zone_urbaine][height=12bp] \eTD \bTD zones urbaines \eTD 
   \bTD \leavevmode \reuseMPgraphic{voies} \eTD \bTD infrastructures~: voies ferrées \eTD 
   \bTD \leavevmode \reuseMPgraphic{canaux} \eTD \bTD infrastructures~: canaux \eTD

The idea was to make some 
  \externalfigure[map][width=0.9 \textwidth]
  \vbox{\hfill -0.9 \textwidth 

to put the boxed legend at this upper left corner.
Of course I couldn't succeed, since I do not understand so much
boxes. ConTeXt complains with a missing number.

How could I achieve such boxing ?


Damien Thiriet 

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