[NTG-context] embedded sounds

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Tue Oct 9 19:19:25 CEST 2018

Hi Hans,

this is a lighter version from sound-001.tex from your test samples:



      [audio/x-mp3] % audio/x-mp3
      %~ [embed]

    \definereference [StartSoundTrack] [StartRendering{mysound}]
    \definereference [StopSoundTrack]  [StopRendering{mysound}]








As reported before
(https://mailman.ntg.nl/pipermail/ntg-context/2018/092327.html), sound
is played fine when not embedded. But it won’t play embedded files.

Without embedded sound, the relevant /Filespec reads:

    7 0 obj
      /F (sound.mp3)
      /Type /Filespec

With an embedded sound, /Filespec and /EmbeddedFile read:

    7 0 obj
      /Subtype /audio#2Fx-mp3
      /Type /EmbeddedFile
      /Length 49006

    8 0 obj
      /EF <<
        /F 7 0 R
      /F (sound.mp3)
      /Type /Filespec
      /UF (\376\377\000s\000o\000u\000n\000d\000.\000m\000p\0003)

    10 0 obj
      /EF 8 0 R
      /F (sound.mp3)
      /Type /Filespec

I don’t know why there are two /Filespec objects, since they are duplicated.

In any case, the value for the /EF entry has to be a dictionary that
points to the /EmbeddedFile (such as in object 8).

I’m afraid that the code that generates the second /Filespec object
(object 10 in the code above) is wrong.

I attach a modified file fixing the issue from the PDF document
generated by ConTeXt.

I hope this help to fix the issue.

Many thanks for your help,

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