[NTG-context] moving the first line of a page to the previous page

Hans Hagen j.hagen at xs4all.nl
Tue Oct 9 14:03:41 CEST 2018

On 10/9/2018 1:32 PM, mf wrote:
> Hello list,
> sometimes ConTeXt moves the (would-be) last line of a page to the next 
> page, even when there's room for it at the bottom of a page, before the 
> footnotes.
> Sometimes i understand why it does so: when the line contains a footnote 
> that would increase the footnotes' height, for example; or when you have 
> widows or orphans.
> But sometimes it happens in an inexplicable way: in some pages there's 
> room at the bottom and it keeps the last line, in some other pages 
> there's more room (than in the previous case), but it moves the last 
> line to the next page anyway.
> Even looking at hyphenations, i can't find an explanation fot that 
> behaviour.

you can mess with penalties but at somepoint tex has to decide ... an 
option is to use \adaptlayout and make the page a line higher, another is



\dorecurse{22}{line #1\blank}
% \dorecurse{24}{line #1\blank}

\keeplinestogether{100} \input klein


but of course there can be side effects

> So i'm looking for a way to prevent ConTeXt from moving the last line to 
> the next page.
> A solution i found is to insert a \vadjust{\kern -0.5pt} in the 
> second-last line of the page. It works -- see the attachments -- but it 
> modifies the interline, so it's feasible only for corrections under 1pt.
> Another way would be locally shrinking the space before footnotes, but i 
> don't know how and when to do it.
> Some words about the attachments:
> - there are some footnotes and line height setups to resemble the real 
> configuration i'm working with
> - keep-line-in-page-0.tex is the reference case
> - keep-line-in-page-1.tex is the solution with \vadjust{\kern -0.5pt}
> Best wishes,
> Massimiliano
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