[NTG-context] Formulas in TABLE with character alignment

Axel Kielhorn tex at axelkielhorn.de
Tue Oct 9 08:02:29 CEST 2018


I decided to use TABLE because I may need some more complex layouts later and want to use just one way to define a table.

One of the great things about TABLE is the possibility to align columns.
The table below works fine when I comment the first \bTR line.
With the first line the result is strange.
I need some way to protect the words in the header, putting them in an \mbox didn’t help.


        \bTR \bTD                \eTD \bTD \chemical{NH_3} \eTD \bTD R407C         \eTD \bTD R134a      \eTD \eTR
        \bTR \bTD \math{t_s}     \eTD \bTD \math{p_s}      \eTD \bTD \math{p_s}    \eTD \bTD \math{p_s} \eTD \eTR
        \bTR \bTD \unit{Celsius} \eTD \bTD \unit{bar}      \eTD \bTD \unit{bar}    \eTD \bTD \unit{bar} \eTD \eTR
        \bTR \bTD \unit{+35}     \eTD \bTD 13,50  \eTD \bTD 14,47  \eTD \bTD 8,865 \eTD \eTR
        \bTR \bTD \unit{-40}     \eTD \bTD  0,717 \eTD \bTD  0,956 \eTD \bTD 0,516 \eTD \eTR

Greetings Axel

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