[NTG-context] Homebrew packaging for macOS

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Sun Oct 7 19:08:51 CEST 2018

On Sun, 7 Oct 2018 at 01:24, Andrew Dunning wrote:
> Dear list,
> Has anyone ever looked into packaging ConTeXt for Homebrew on macOS (see <https://brew.sh>)?

I'm not aware of any such effort so far, but we gladly help you if you
are willing to invest effort into creating one yourself.

> Providing it as an installation option would make it far easier to obtain the latest version.

Obtaining the latest version is already relatively easy, but I fully
understand your point :)

> In looking into it myself, I immediately came across the problem of not being exactly sure where to find a versioned download link. See their guidelines at <https://docs.brew.sh/Acceptable-Formulae>.

comes closest to what you are looking for, but note that ConTeXt
provides several releases per day (or maybe a release every few days
at most) which is more resembling individual commits in other projects
than one release per every few months as would be common with other

The only thing that comes somewhat closer to a release is a version
that gets released with TeX Live once per year, but that's not in line
with your desire to easily get the latest version. We had the latest
version of ConTeXt in TLContrib repository for a while which could
probably be reinstated if desired, but that means using MacTeX (even
if from HB).

If you want to provide a package for HB, you either need to use "HEAD"
or create a cron job that will update the package definition several
times per day :) :) :)

But note that installing ConTeXt alone is not sufficient. You also
need LuaTeX, a bunch of fonts and other files (I'm not sure which
ones; with the old ConTeXt MKII it was a lot more dependencies than
with the new ConTeXt MKIV). The easiest way would be to install TeX
Live as a dependency, but from what I saw I suspect that HB only
packages MacTeX as a binary installation. You could install ConTeXt on
top of that in a way that doesn't conflict. Alternatively you need to
spend (quite some) effort figuring out what exactly is needed.

I'll probably create another git repository with a standalone
installation, but it's not yet ready and you should not count on it.

I suspect that you'll find a slightly hard time getting this package
into core HomeBrew and that you'll need to provide your own
repository, but I might be wrong. I decided against providing a
package for MacPorts precisely because it's not really practical to
update a package definition every few days.


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