[NTG-context] Font Awesome (again)

Aditya Mahajan adityam at umich.edu
Sun Oct 7 15:26:11 CEST 2018


There is a FontAwesome.otf file that is distributed with ConTeXt minimals. 
Does anyone know what version (4 or 5) of the font it is? I am asking 
because the names of the symbols used in the font do not match those on 
the font-awesome website. For example, using


I get that the symbol for "utensils" 
(https://fontawesome.com/icons/utensils?style=solid) is actually mapped to 
"food" in ConTeXt. Since the names of the symbols are now taken from the 
font, my guess is that the distribution has an old version of the font 
(also because it is a single font rather than three).

Would it make sense to update the fonts in the distribution? If not, then 
simply remove the old version of the fonts?

Also, don't we need to update the symb-imp-fontawesome.mkiv file to work 
with the new symbols. Font awesome has split the fonts into three
Solid, Regular, and Brands. (There are also pro version of the fonts). The 
simplest way to use them will be to have three symbolsets (fontawesome, 
fontawesome-solid, and fontawesome-brands), where the names are taken from 
the fonts.

In the meanwhile, Hraban has painstakenly written out the mappings by 
hand, but the automatic mapping might be simpler (and more future proof).


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