[NTG-context] context and sqlite

Jörg Hofmann webmaster at jho-home.de
Sat Oct 6 20:01:28 CEST 2018

I've been trying to connect ConTeXt to sqlite for almost a week
but I have repeatedly failed. Neither the
"internal" variant according to the documentation, nor the attempt on
have worked. Above all, the Google request showed me that
not alone with this problem - how reassuring. ;-)

At the moment, concentrate I am accessing via swiglib and think my
problem lies here (from my log file):

sql> start loading method 'sqlite'
swiglib> unknown: 'swiglib.sqlite.core'
swiglib> unknown: 'swiglib.helpers.core'

Obviously, the appropriate modules are not found, but where
Can I get them and where do they belong? And maybe
also someone a working code example for me.
I'm working with Texlive 2017 on XUBUNTU 16.04.

Best regards
Jörg Hofmann

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