[NTG-context] Need help with project: TeX capacity exceeded

Wolfgang Schuster wolfgang.schuster.lists at gmail.com
Fri Oct 5 17:45:01 CEST 2018

Taco Hoekwater schrieb am 04.10.18 um 09:27:
> Hi,
>> On 4 Oct 2018, at 08:47, Axel Kielhorn <tex at axelkielhorn.de> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> this is my second try to start with context and I can’t even do the first step.
>> I’m planing to convert a large but simple document to context.
>> The document consists of 3 Parts.
>> Each part has several chapters.
>> Thus I started to build a project with three products, see enclosed archive.
>> According to my understanding I should be able to
>> context c_01 to get one chapter
>> context prd_A to get one product
>> context project_ecm to get the whole book.
> Any whole book should be a product, and the Parts should just be components.
> The project level is only there to connect meta-info across a book series.
> You are not supposed to run ‘context’ on the project file.
> That said, it is definitely not your installation or understanding of the
> wiki page that creates the circular inclusion. The same happens here. I
> discovered it works OK if I move the \product to within the \startcomponent,
> and I assume that is how it supposed to work:
>    \startcomponent
>    \product prd_1
>>    \stopcomponent
> At a guess, I think the wiki page is wrong. But before editing that,
> I would like to have confirmation of the above assumption.

The \product command is more or less useless because it provides only 
the information
of the main file of the document.

The real question is where you should put the \project or \environment 
When you put them before \startproduct you’re loading your fonts before 
the start
of the document and the Latin Modern fallback isn’t used but when you 
put them
after \startproduct you load your font after the Latin Modern fallback.

One advantage when you load the project/environment after \startproduct 
(or \startcomponent)
is that you can use the product or component modes in your environment 
file to set
different image or subpath folder dependant on which file type you typeset.

In the end it doesn’t matter whether you load your project/environment 
before or after
\startproduct because there is no difference.


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