[NTG-context] Questions and observations on the div html export

Rik rik at panix.com
Mon Oct 1 04:25:32 CEST 2018


I have been wrestling with the div.html output produced by the export 
back end, and have a few questions.

On the list, Hans has suggested defining elements with two commands, as:

    \setelementbackendtag  [BlockItem]
    \setelementnature      [BlockItem][display]
    \setelementbackendtag  [InlineItem]
    \setelementnature      [InlineItem][inline]

These commands do not appear on the wiki or in i-context.pdf. In 
i-context.pdf, we find:

                            1    2    3
    \setelementexporttag [...][...][...]
    1 NAME
    2_export_  nature pdf
    3 inline display mixed

I have tried this latter command in many variations, and cannot 
understand just how to use it. For example, both of these:


generate divs with class="display", when one wants class="BlockItem". 
But the pair \setelementbackendtag and \setelementnature works for that. 
Is there any documentation for any of these commands, beyond the syntax 
in i-convert for \setelementexporttag?

The \startelement command takes one or two arguments. The first is the 
element name, and is required. What is the intended use of the second 
argument, a list of key/value pairs? Nothing seems to be passed via the 
back end to the div.html (or raw.xml) file.

Next, the back end generates div elements for both block and inline 
scopes, while html calls for span elements as inline containers. Defined 
highlights, which are by nature inline containers, are also translated 
to divs instead of spans.

The generated css does identify the divs with display: block and 
display: inline as appropriate, but that does not help with tools that 
work with html. (HTML Tidy, for example, will happily introduce extra 
whitespace because it inserts a newline  before a div that should really 
be a span.)

Finally, what is meant by mixed (with respect to inline and display)?

If anyone else has figured out some of this stuff, please send some 


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