[NTG-context] remapper change in luatex-basics-gen.lua

Ulrike Fischer news3 at nililand.de
Sat Sep 29 23:38:13 CEST 2018

in luatex-basics-gen.lua
the remapper maps lua to "tex":

local remapper = {
    otf    = "opentype fonts",
    ttf    = "truetype fonts",
    ttc    = "truetype fonts",
    cid    = "cid maps",
    cidmap = "cid maps",
 -- fea    = "font feature files", -- no longer supported
    pfb    = "type1 fonts",        -- needed for vector loading
    afm    = "afm",
    enc    = "enc files",
    lua    = "tex", --<<<<<<<change 

This is new compared to the state in 2/2017

The remapper is then used in resolvers.findfile.

The change has been imported in latex with the new luaotfload and
now broke the function  "pgf_lookup_and_require" in the pgf
graphdrawing library which in its code uses resolvers.findfile --
probably so that it works also as context library

Due to the mapping of lua to the tex type
resolvers.findfile("layered","lua") no longer finds layered.lua.

Apart from telling the pgf people not to use resolvers.findfile like
this when latex is used, is there anything one could do in the
generic fontloader?

Ulrike Fischer 

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