[NTG-context] Using the source han sans fonts fails

Ulrike Fischer news3 at nililand.de
Wed Sep 19 10:24:11 CEST 2018

Because of a question on tex.sx I tried to use the source han sans
fonts. I installed (in windows 10) the fonts from this zip-file:


Trying to use them with latex/luaotfload failed with a memory
exhausted error while trying to write the lua-file. In context 

\test abc

gave the error:

fonts           > otf loading > loading
'c:/windows/fonts/SourceHanSans-Regular.otf', hash
otf reader      > loading of table 'vorg' skipped
otf reader      > invalid index in single format 1: 65353 -> 67212
(max 65535)
otf reader      > rule 1 in gsub lookup 's_s_5' has empty lookups
fonts           > otf loading > loading failed due to read error
fonts           > defining > forced type 'otf' of
'c:/windows/fonts/SourceHanSans-Regular' not found
fonts           > defining > font with asked name
'c:/windows/fonts/SourceHanSans-Regular' is not found using lookup
fonts           > defining > unknown font
'c:/windows/fonts/SourceHanSans-Regular', loading aborted

xelatex had no problems to use the font. 

Is this an error in the font or in the fontloader?

Ulrike Fischer 

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