[NTG-context] Attempt to call a nil value

Lars axteffekt at gmail.com
Sat Sep 8 21:06:39 CEST 2018

Thank you very much Wolfgang. You were a big help, as usual. It never 
came to my mind, that the Textadept lexer file /context.lua/ in my 
working directory could interfere with /mtxmrun/, which is located 
elsewhere. I should also have tried to process files from another 
directory instead of trying it from another PC. But since on my tablet 
PC I only have one single TeX directory, it didn't come to my mind to 
try another one. So again, thank you.

Cheers, Lars.

P. S.: From what I read so far you're a real TeX genius. It's always a 
pleasure to write with you.

P. P. S.: Some people really should learn from you, not only when it 
comes to TeX.

Am 08/09/2018 um 18:42 schrieb Wolfgang Schuster:
> mtxrun loads the wrong lua file, while it should load mtx-context.lua 
> it actually uses context.lua.
> Since there is no context.lua in the distribution I guess context.lua 
> is one of your files you put in the text directory, remove this file 
> (or put it in a different folder) and ConTeXt should work again.
> Wolfgang
> Lars schrieb am 08.09.18 um 18:00:
>> Hello list,
>> since one of the last beta updates (now I have 2018.09.01) I can't 
>> use ConTeXt on my Win 10 32bit tablet anymore. I can't make PDFs 
>> because I get an error message. In fact, with CTX in my system path 
>> of course, even when I type the following into my command prompt, I 
>> get the same error:
>> mtxrun --script context
>> ./context.lua:11: attempt to call a nil value (method 'add_rule')
>> This could have to do with the last adaption to Textadept 10. On my 
>> Win 10 x64 PC there is no problem. Any clues?
>> Cheers and thanks, Lars.
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