[NTG-context] Modes in tables

Wolfgang Schuster wolfgang.schuster.lists at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 20:19:56 CEST 2018

Jan Willem Flamma schrieb am 07.09.18 um 20:01:
> Thank you Wolfgang.
> When comparing the results between tabulate and TABLE, I noticed some different results in formatting.
> 1. When using TABLE the table text is slightly shifted to the right. My initial guess was that this is due to the frame thickness but setting rulethickness= 0pt did not solve this.
> How can I get the text in the table to align with the regular text?

In a natural table each cell acts like \framed where you have a offset 
value on each side, to get rid of it set offset to 0pt.

\setupTABLE [start] [frame=off,rulethickness=0pt,offset=0pt]

> 2. In both cases column widths of 6cm and 3 cm have been set. Yet, the results show a difference in column width (not sure which one is correct)

Tabulate adds extra space between the columns but it can be disabled.


> 3. The vertical space between the regular text and the start of the table varies. It is larger when using tabulate.

Tabulate add by default a \blank before and after the table which can be 

\starttabulate [...] [before=,after=]


\setuptabulate [before=,after=]

> 4. The vertical space between the lines in the table text also varies. It is larger when using TABLE.

Setting offset to 0pt reduces the vertical space in natural table but 
there will always be differences between different table types.


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