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Lars axteffekt at gmail.com
Sun Sep 2 23:47:15 CEST 2018

I am playing with this right now, but it's contra-automative :-P:





     \startchapter[title={Chapter Ej},marking={}]
         Zitat hier: \LINK{libA}
         Weiteres Zitat (\LINK{libA} S. 201 ff.).
         Verweis hier: \LINK{libB}

   % ---------------------------------------------------------

           A. Bloch, {\it Pleasuredome}, AH-A Ltd., 2018

(zuletzt abgerufen am 31.12.2009)



But I'd really like the BibTeX way... Or at least a hint how I can 
create my own style in CTX from @MISC or even a new entry format.

How can I at least turn off the (unpublished) tag?!? Please...


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Hello guys,

I've checked some articles on the wiki as well as the publications 
manual, but the results I get aren't what I expect. I hope that you can 
help me.

I'd love to do short BibTeX entries like

   note = "zuletzt abgerufen am \date[d=05, m=06, y=2018]",
   url = "http://www.google.com"

because sometimes this is all info I can get. Now I want an entry in the 
\placelistofpublications area with only the link and the note when I 
opened the website the last time.

That's what I get from ConTeXt so far when I use


[1], _http://www.google.com_ (unveröffentlicht). (zuletzt abgerufen am 
5. Juni 2018)

How would one get this output instead:

[1] _http://www.google.com_ (zuletzt abgerufen am 5. Juni 2018)

In the mail archive I found these commands:



   t=article, % I sometimes use "webpage"
\url{http://www.pragma-ade.com} % or u= inside the square brackets
\lastchecked{some date}




This of course doesn't work for me (error: "attempt to concatenate a 
table value" or a blank page). Also i-context.pdf gives another syntax 
for \cite. I really just want the link and the date in parentheses. How 
would a pro user do this?

Thanks in advance, Lars-

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