[NTG-context] closesymbol on same line as displayed formula

Jeong Dal haksan at me.com
Tue Aug 28 17:58:08 CEST 2018

Dear Aditya,

Thank you for the reply.

>> \startproof
>> \startitemize[n]
>> \item first line.
>> \item second line
> Add: \placeclosesymbol here
>> \stopitemize
>> \stopproof
>> \stoptext

It works in many cases that item content ends with words. But it is not working if the item contents end with \stopformula. If I put \placeclosesymbol before \stopformula, then it is shown just after the last word.
Anyway, it works in most cases.

Thank you again.

Best regards,




This is a simple proof.

This is another simple proof that ends with a formula

\item first line.
\item Here is an example.
        \startformula \cosh x + \sinh x = e^x,~~\cosh x - \sinh x = e^{-x}	\stopformula
The next formula is following: 
\NC\sinh (x + y) \NC= \frac{e^{x+y} - e^{-(x+y)}}{2} \NR
\NC 		\NC = \frac{e^x e^y - e^{-x}e^{-y}}{2}	\NR%$
\NC 	\NC = \frac{(\cosh x + \sinh x)(\cosh y + \sinh y) - (\cosh x - \sinh x)(\cosh y - \sinh y)}{2} \NR
\NC 	\NC = \sinh x \cosh y + \cosh x \sinh y         \NR
        \stopalign \stopformula

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