[NTG-context] Question on enabling/disabling modes

Mikael P. Sundqvist mickep at gmail.com
Mon Aug 27 14:14:47 CEST 2018


I am writing notes for my teaching and would like to do the following with

* If the file is compiled with context file.tex then everything (i.e. the
content in all modes) is typeset.
* If the file is compiled with context --mode=test1 file.tex then only mode
test1 is typeset.

I do not see how to do this easily. The example I am working on looks like

%%% file.tex
We are in mode test1.
We are in mode test2.

This, however, naturally gives not output, since the modes test1 and test2
are not activated. If I compile with context --mode=test1 file.tex I get
the content in mode test1, as I want.

I have tried to change "keep" to "yes" in the setup of the modes, but then
the material in both modes are typeset no matter what command flag I use.

Do I miss something?


PS In reality I have about 25 lectures, so using this method there will be
about 25 modes in total.
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