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Tue Aug 21 09:36:24 CEST 2018

Thanks a lot!

Am Di., 21. Aug. 2018 um 09:06 Uhr schrieb Hans Hagen <j.hagen at xs4all.nl>:

> On 8/21/2018 1:59 AM, Lars wrote:
> > Hi there, thanks for your interest in Textadept. It's a great editor and
> > I am sure that you won't regret testing it and using it in the future.
> > Just have some patience.
> i played with it a few times but its biggest drawback is the lack of a
> fast and realtime console pane like scite has so i keep coming back to
> scite (on the contrary scite has the lpeg lexer extern and its lua is
> not shared with scites lua which is a drawback there) .. so currently i
> see ta as a fallback
> in the context distrubution there are actually files for textadept but
> because its (still?) a moving target with a changing interface i'm not
> sure if it works with the latest (it's btw one reason why the files that
> ship with context basically reset a lot of the fetaures because as usual
> with editors, they tend to add lots of key bindings and stuff not needed
> for tex and friends)
> anyway,
> ../context/data/textadept/context/textadept-context.cmd
> ../context/data/textadept/context/textadept-context.sh
> still work on my machine so ... it's kind of providing the same
> functionality as we use in scite.
> > *Fifth, is your context lexer loaded when you compile the file?* Check
> > the status bar in the lower right corner. If it doesn't say "context"
> > but "latex" or "text" or anything like that, then choose the context
> > lexer via "Buffer" -> "Select lexer...".
> the lexer that we use in scite and textadept both use the textadept
> lexer dll (which plugs into scintilla) but because the lua code that
> came with it kept changing and i needed way better performance (for
> large files like char-def) than was possible at that time i also rewrote
> that code for our purpose (also because i wanted spell checking, utf
> and such) ...
> at some point the ta lexing method changed a bit so it became faster ...
> all such such lexers sort of follow the same approach, mark regions and
> associate them and we already had similar stuff on board in context so i
> could combine things a bit
> i think that the scite/ta lexers that we ship are quite ok (i've now
> used them for years) and they are probably better than the context lexer
> that comes with textadept, i.e. the context one supports a mix of tex,
> mp, lua etc, knows primitives, commands, helpers, and follows up on the
> way we have had syntax highlighting for decades which in turn closely
> relates to the way the context user interface evolved
> notepad++ does use the same scintilla editing framework but cannot load
> the lexer dll; it does bidi a bit better
> anyway, with both scite and ta i can gamble on two horses
> Hans
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