[NTG-context] seeindex problem with recent betas

Rik Kabel context at rik.users.panix.com
Thu Aug 9 04:32:47 CEST 2018

With older versions of ConTeXt (including that in TL18) seeindex entries 
pointing to a multi-level (plussed) index entry worked (visually, at 
least) without complaint. The output might look like:

    Digby, John 73
    Dilbert see Adams+Scott
    Dirac, Paul 287


    Digby, John 73
    Dilbert see Adams, Scott
    Dirac, Paul 287

where the second part is a literal repeat of what is in  the second 
argument of seeindex. (It is not, however, linked to the plussed entry 
as it would be to a single-level entry.)  However, current version 
(2018.07.27 19:12) generates a result like:

    Digby, John 73
    Dirac, Paul 287

along with the warning:

    structure       > registers > invalid crosslink : Adams+Scott, ignored

Surely it is better to display the non-linked see entry as before 
(together with the warning message so that the non-linking is pointed 
out) and have a printable document than it is to display an empty entry!


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