[NTG-context] xrightarrow is not straight

Joshua Moerman context at joshuamoerman.nl
Tue Aug 7 10:42:01 CEST 2018

Hi ConTeXt mailing list,

I am using the extensible arrows and I am not really satisfied with the
looks of it.

The most important issue I have is that the vertical spacing is too much.
You can see this in the attached picture: the left arrow is using
\xrightarrow{\neq a} and the right arrow is using \stackrel{\neq
a}{\longrightarrow}. I think the right one (with stackrel) looks more
natural. Is there a way to setup the vertical spacing?

Another thing I noticed is that the line is not very consistent. This might
be a font issue (I am using Euler). Luckily, the inconsistent overlap is
barely visible when printed.

Thanks again!


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