[NTG-context] Question to covers

Henning Hraban Ramm texml at fiee.net
Sat Jul 28 11:15:59 CEST 2018

Am 2018-07-28 um 10:12 schrieb Tomas Hala <tomas.hala at mendelu.cz>:

> Hi Hraban, Wolfgang and Hans,
> nobody else reacted so I am writing 

Better keep this on the list.

> Thanks to Hraban for the code and Wolfgang for its revision, it's a good
> material how to work with layers, measures  (I'll inspire by it) etc.

You’re welcome.

> 1. Is a ConTeXt layer accepted as a whole in commercial Acrobat, or is it
> visible as a heap of small objects? Or is it "only" better for more
> comfortable manipulation in ConTeXt?

I don’t understand the question.
A ConTeXt layer is not a PDF layer.
All the objects are manipulatable in Acrobat Pro (or another PDF editor),
there’s no grouping on the PDF level.

> 2. Is better to write it as much as possible at ConTeXt level (as Hraban or
> Wolfgang did), or is better to write it in lua? There is more than dozen
> measures... Also more computations are required and they are different
> for different kinds of covers (book bindings).

I guess it’s a matter of taste.
Of course calculations are easier in Lua, but in my image placement macros
I struggled a lot with numbers vs. measures/dimensions, regardless if in Lua
or on the TeX level.

Greetlings, Hraban

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