[NTG-context] using both footnotes and endnotes in a document

Robert Zydenbos context at zydenbos.net
Fri Jul 27 11:47:25 CEST 2018

This works fine with MkIV, but not with MkII (I tried by altering \setupnotation to the MkII command \setupfootnotes, but that doesn't work). I need MkII for my project.

Is what I am looking for at all possible in MkII?

> On 27. Jul 2018, at 03:22, Henri Menke <henrimenke at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 27/07/18 12:01, Robert Zydenbos wrote:
>> A puzzle for note specialists: I would like to use both endnotes as well as footnotes in one and the same document, for different kinds of notes.
>> Ideally, I should be able to write something like:
>> -----
>> Here is a footnote,\footnote{The footnotes comes here.} and now comes an note that should appear at the end of my text.\endnote{And this is the endnote.}
>> -----
>> For this I would need commands for determining the kind of markers for the notes (I know what to do for footnotes: this looks like \setupfootnotes [conversion=characters]; but what does one do for endnotes?)
> \setupnotation[footnote][numberconversion=characters]
> \setupnotation[endnote] [numberconversion=set 2]
> \starttext
> \footnote{Hello}
> \footnote{World}
> \footnote{Oeps}
> \footnote{\CONTEXT}
> \endnote{Goodbye}
> \endnote{Earth}
> \endnote{End}
> \endnote{Notes}
> \placenotes[endnote]
> \stoptext

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