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Thu Jul 12 12:21:28 CEST 2018

Hi all,

I am now playing around with ConTeXt to see if it fits my needs for writing
my thesis :-).

One thing which did not work for me was the use of crossref in bibtex
entries. This feature is used when generating bibtex entries via DBLP (which
is quite standard in computer science). It is used to have one single entry
for the journal/conference which the lists the editors. Consequently you can
have several paper entries referring to that, without duplicating the
editors. This has worked fine for me in LaTeX. But in ConTeXt it seems the
crossref is not used at all. Example:


See \cite{PAPER}.
Version: \contextversion.

	author    = {First Last},
	title     = {PaperTitle},
	booktitle = {Conference of BlaBla},
	year      = {2017},
	crossref  = {CONF},

	title     = {Conference on BlaBla},
	year      = {2017},
	editor    = {Edith Tor},
	publisher = {Springer},

Result (copied from pdf):
See (Last, 2017). Version: 2018.07.02 14:39.
Last, F. (2017). PaperTitle. In PaperTitle. Conference of BlaBla. Author.

Expected (made by manually copying editor/publisher):
See (Last, 2017). Version: 2018.07.02 14:39.
Last, F. (2017). PaperTitle. In E. Tor (Ed.) Conference of BlaBla. Springer.

Should I setup the style differently? Or is the crossref feature not

Thanks in advance,
All the best,

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