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Hi Alan,

1. The correct way to use \mathrm is {\mathrm ...} because it is a 
switch like \rm for text mode.

2. \mathrm is the wrong method to write text in formulas because the 
command changes only the math alphabet. This means no ligatures, kerning 
or other characters like umlauts.

3. The correct way to write text in math mode is \mathtext (which has 
the synonym \text) or \mathword. To change the style of the text you can 
use \mathtext{\it …} or \mathtextit{…}.

> Alan Braslau <mailto:braslau.list at comcast.net>
> 7. Juli 2018 um 16:04
> Hello ConTeXt users,
> Does it drive you crazy to see TeX users write $t = time$?
> (I see this all of the time by LaTeX users in Beamer presentations.)
> One can do better writing $t = {\rm time}$ (maybe)
> or in ConTeXt $t = \mathrm{time}$.
> Sometimes, too, I might write $t = \text{time}$.
> We also have the commands \mathematics{} that can be used in place of
> the TeX shorthand $...$, and this also has the shortcut \m{...}.
> I thought that it might be useful to have an equivalent escape, to be
> used as $t = \t{time}$. What do other users think?
> OK, \m{t = \t{time}} might be a bit funky...
> Alan
> P.S. I proposed doing this via
> \let\t\mathrm
> but Hans tells me that this is not good, as \mathrm{} does not give
> proper font processing, so implementation of \t{} would be something
> different...
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