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there is a card game called "Pexeso".

It is played by two or more players with pairs of cards of identical pictures.
Initially, cards are spread regularly and are turned upside down.
The first player turns two cards; if they are identical, he picks them and continues turning two more cards.
Once both cards do not show the same picture, the next payer follows.
The game stops when there are no more cards to turn.
Who collects more pairs of cards is winner.

Usually, you can buy Pexeso of Barbies, princesses, road signs, castles, ...

My little son (of nearly 4 years) ignores all above as he is interested (or even fascinated) by construction machinery and woodworking tools.

So I decided to create a Pexeso of woodworking tools for him with the following points:

- Pictures to be processed are placed in the subdirectory called "1" (may be changed).

- Pictures whose name do not start by "-" have the first letter uppercased shown on the card ("education" for letters).

- You may simply change the text or MP code to draw the card back.

- Backs of cards are intentionally a bit randomized (I am curious how quickly children are able to recognize some cards by their backs).

- When the number of cards is not multiple of two (also my case), two more backs of cards will be drawn.
	This is intended and it comes due to some simplicity of the code; and it doesn't matter to anything.

- Source uses UTF-8 coding.

- There are no dependencies to external files (excluding pictures).

- The source file is attached.
	Due to the size (~2.3 MB), all data including the result and source pictures are available for download here:


	(The link will be valid for ~27 days from now.)


Best regards,


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