[NTG-context] Spacebefore and spaceafter a Float

John Grasty johnpgrasty at gmail.com
Mon May 28 15:30:34 CEST 2018


I am trying to adjust the space between my tables and the body text. Below is a minimal example. My problem is that I can seem to get the before= or after= to do anything no matter what command I enter. I have also tried spacebefore= and spaceafter=

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

John Grasty




\input douglas

\startplacetable[title={Cost Overview}]
\startxcell[align=right]  \stopxcell
\startxcell[align=right] (\$) \stopxcell
\startxcell[align=right] Lodging \stopxcell
\startxcell[align=right] 150 \stopxcell
\startxcell[align=right] Fee \stopxcell
\startxcell[align=right] 160 \stopxcell
\startxcell[align=right] Meals \stopxcell
\startxcell[align=right] 100 \stopxcell
\startxcell[align=right] Van \stopxcell
\startxcell[align=right] 175 \stopxcell
\startxcell[align=right] Other Outings \stopxcell
\startxcell[align=right] 40 \stopxcell

\input douglas


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