[NTG-context] question about MP drawing with dir

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Thu May 24 21:01:59 CEST 2018

Dear Alan,

I have the following sample (as I wrote, this is addictive ;-)):

    draw fullcircle scaled (.06TextWidth - .05LineHeight);

    for m=1 step 2 until 10 :
        path s ; s := (dir30--dir150--dir315--dir90--dir225--cycle)
            scaled m;
        n := (m * 50) ;
        o := (m / 5) ;
        for i=0 upto n :
          draw textext("\utfchar{"EB09}")
            scaled (o * .025) shifted point (i/n*length s) of s ;

dir seems magic to me. I don’t understand how it works, not even how it
can be used for drawing not having an origin.

Would it be possible that all stars are vertically centered?

How should be the path defined?

Many thanks for your help,


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