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If I am not mistaken, you can write :

node.new(‘noad’, nodes.noadcodes.bin)

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I just thought of another thing.

Could you expose _all_ the subtypes of _all_ the different node types 
similar to node.id? (currently this is only enabled for whatsits)  As of 
now I always have to go to texnodes.w, find the array and count to find 
out which number a subtype has.  It would be much easier if we could

     node.new("noad", "bin")

instead of

     node.new("noad", 4)

and I would also like to see

     node.subtype("noad", "bin") -- return 4

On 15/05/18 11:34, Hans Hagen wrote:
> On 5/15/2018 12:52 AM, Henri Menke wrote:
>> Math typesetting is really crappy in ConTeXt, but I get that this is 
>> beyond your priorities.  I plan to develop a module which resembles 
>> the features and syntax of the amsmath LaTeX package for my PhD 
>> thesis.  I'm not sure how well this will integrate with the existing 
>> mechanisms.
> hm. i have no clue what you refer to ... afaik most is configureable
>> - columnsets, the new ones have considerably fewer features than the 
>> old ones.
> like ... but adding some is no problem (only predictable stuff) .. no 
> column handler suits all (we now also have page columns btw)
>> - rowwise setups in xtables and maybe columnwise, but that is 
>> computationally expensive.
> indeed so that's why we have categories instead
>>> - We can add more trickery for fonts and scripts. There are some 
>>> pending extensions.
>>> - Maybe we should provide a few more general styles.
>> What does that mean?  Things like the TUGboat style?
> no, e.g. some basic educational stuff
>> More callbacks.  I'm missing callbacks into error handling (i.e. 
>> intercept errors) not just into error reporting like show_error_hook.
> if you want to intercept errors then that has to happen at the macro 
> level, because once tex starts expanding the error can be anywhere
> (so, in a macro package one can set at the tex level flags that one can 
> act upon in the error callback)
> (the eror messages themselves might become a layer but that's for later)
>> Throw out all non-Lua-related primitives and ntg-context at ntg.nlreplace 
>> them with Lua functions.  People can then define those primitives 
>> themselves, e.g.
> way too slow ... in that case i'd drop tex completely (i.e. do all in lua)
> also, you can right now (re)define primitives if you like (depending on 
> the definition of primitive)
>> \suppressoutererror
>> becomes
>> \protected\def\suppressoutererror{%
>>      \directlua{errors.suppressoutererror()}}
>> This makes it much easier to access that stuff from Lua.  Also 
>> interface all the \pdfvariable and \pdfextension stuff to Lua.
> all pdf stuff is already doable in lua (context doesn't even use \pdf* 
> for quite a while)
>> This should have maybe been done before 1.0 but I guess with 2.0 you 
>> can introduce “breaking” features.
> well, a 2.0 (if ever) will probably only be useable for context ...
>> LuaJIT will always be 5.1 compatible.  That is one of the declared 
>> goals of the project.  However there exist compatibility layers for 
>> Lua which implement recent features for older interpreters.
>> https://github.com/keplerproject/lua-compat-5.3
> in that case in the end it will be dropped ...
>> I would rather not see LuaJIT support being dropped.  The VM by itself 
>> (without JIT) is already a lot faster than regular Lua and I feel that 
>> the ConTeXt runs benefit from that quite a lot.  I use contextjit as 
>> my daily driver.
> hm, at most 20% which is also what i get when i buy a new laptop
> keep in mind that luajit has some limitations (stack and such)
> (and the last few years i managed to squeeze out a lot from lua, and 
> with lua 5.3 the gaps became narrower)
>   Hans
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