[NTG-context] roadmap

MF massifr at fastwebnet.it
Tue May 15 11:01:02 CEST 2018

> > * References: see Massimiliano’s question, apparently there are
> > options missing for code before/after the list of pages
> These hooks were added; adding a few more hooks is normally no big
> deal 
> ... the main problem with such additions is that they seldom get 
> documented (in fact that imo is also a it up to the one requesting
> such 
> features).

Touché! I've added them to the wiki.

I was already updating that page of the wiki (\setupregister) on
Friday, but also realized that it was way behind the syntax you can
check with setup-en.pdf (the Commands manual).
It missed the brand new "pageleft" and "pageright" parameters, but even
much more than them. So i asked myself about the opportunity to
document a brand new feature without the missing ones that have been
already in place for a much longer time.
Anyway, that's the spirit of a wiki: everybody can add his 2 cents of

The table of the command parameters was also difficult to read and
modify in the wiki source, so i gave up for that moment and wondered
about a more general solution for command documentation.
Your messages today motivated me to update that page anyway.

The setup-en.pdf manual is a great source of documentation and it's
synchronized with every new version, because it's automatically
generated from sources.

It lets you know the commands, their parameters and their types.
I've looked a bit into the "i-" files in the "interface" directory of
the ConTeXt distribution, and i've seen that the commands are also
classified into categories.

What you miss in that manual is the parameters' meaning and some
example of usage.
I'm thinking about some companion files to the "i-" ones that carry the
information about the parameters' meaning and usage.
Some of those texts could be "recycled" from the current wiki pages.
Then we could generate some automatic, up to date wiki pages directly
from the combination of those files.

I'm not going to work on that before the meeting and i've already
promised more than i can achieve.
But we could discuss that at the meeting.


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