[NTG-context] keeping together \subject and a table without a page break

Robert Zydenbos context at zydenbos.net
Thu May 3 12:22:09 CEST 2018

I am looking for a way to keep a subject header and a following table together on one page, without a page break. Something like:

---snippet begins---

\subsubject{Personal suffixes for the present tense}

\starttabulate [|w(.1\textwidth)|p(.2\textwidth)|pI(.2\textwidth)|p(.2\textwidth)|pI(.2\textwidth)|]
[…here comes the table…]

---snippet ends---

but everything together on one page. (The example uses \starttabulate, but I would also need this for \startTABLE.)

On the wiki I found a command \blank[samepage], but this does not seem to work (at least not in MkII), because the parameter 'samepage' is not recognized.

I would be very grateful for suggestions.


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