[NTG-context] Characters allowed in macro names

Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at gmail.com
Sun Apr 22 20:08:34 CEST 2018

> N. Raghavendra <mailto:nyraghu27132 at gmail.com>
> 22. April 2018 um 17:23
> I was wondering if it is alright to use underscores in the names of
> macros, e.g, as in the following file. It looks like \startsetups, and
> \def accept names with hyphens, underscores, and numerals, but
> \starttexdefinition doesn't tolerate any of them.
> 1. In general, what characters are allowed in macro names? Are Unicode
> characters admissible?
> 2. Apart from the fact that one can use whitespace freely in
> \starttexdefinition, is there any reason to prefer it over \def?
> Thanks,
> Raghu.
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> \starttext
> \startsetups [hello-world_1]
> Hello, world 1!
> \stopsetups
> \setups [hello-world_1]
> \def\hello-world_2{Hello, world 2!}
You’re defining a command named \hello which has to be followed by the 
string "-world_2".

You can use the following example as test.

%%%% begin example

\def\hello-1{Hello \letterhash 1}

\def\hello-2{Hello \letterhash 2}



%%%% end example

Here I create a command named \hello which has to be followed by “-1" 
and "-2".

When you run TeX on this example you get the following error message:

%%%% begin error message
tex error > tex error on line 7 in file /Users/wolf/TeX/test/test.tex: ! 
Use of \hello doesn't match its definition

l.7 \hello-1
%%%% end error message

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