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Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 22:14:33 CEST 2018

1. The bordermatrix code is part of the core and you can remove it from 

2. To use the \equalign command you have to enable the special meaning 
of & in math mode with \setupmathematics[ampersand=normal].

3. User the new mathalignment environment as replacement for \equalign 
which avoids special characters like &.

> Fabrice L <mailto:fabrice.alpha at gmail.com>
> 19. April 2018 um 22:05
> Dear list,
> Some months ago, Hans wrote to this list (see below) a macro to do 
> matrix showing outside the brackets some informations (like we usually 
> do for Markov chains), but adapted some plain tex code, which worked 
> in MKII). I have used with success this code since then, but some 
> weeks ago, the behavior of Context had changed (probably something on 
> my part; I have updated the installation, but nothing changed).
> The problem (I think) is linked to \unprotect \protect. When this code 
> is put before the \starttext to the the cont-new-mkiv, the border 
> matrix behave well, but a simple \eqalign like this:
> \startformula
> \eqalign{ & \lambda=5, \mu =5 \cr
> & \mu=8 \cr }
> \stopformula
> do not works is I replace «  \lambda » by « \lambda_2 » for example. I 
> have no idea what’s is going on. here is a minimal example where 
> Hans’s code is before the \starttext:
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