[NTG-context] mtxrun uses 'nil' for platform

Vladimir Lomov lomov.vl at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 06:08:31 CEST 2018

Hello list,
recent update of context suite (beta) changed something in the code of
'mtxrun' so now it shows me a warning:
  ${CONTEXT}/bin/mtxrun:20683: attempt to concatenate a nil value (field 'platform')
I didn't notice this warning earilier.

The line 20683 in 'mtxrun' is
    local texos="texmf-"..os.platform

To check the return of 'os.platform' I made small lua script and run it
  mtxrun --script SCRIPT --platform=linux-64
It returned 'nil nil'. Is this expected behavior?

% SCRIPT.lua
----------------------- 8< ------------------------
local plat=os.platform
local plat2=os.getenv("MTX_PLATFORM")
print("platform = ", plat)
print("platform2 = ", plat2)
----------------------- 8< ------------------------

WBR, Vladimir Lomov

Hacking's just another word for nothing left to kludge.

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