[NTG-context] Reference links with focus=standard

Christoph Reller christoph.reller at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 13:10:11 CEST 2018

On Fri, 13 Apr 2018 10:45:39 +0100,  Lawrence Bell
<lawrence.matthew.bell at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 13/04/18 07:31, Henri Menke wrote:
>> On Fri, 2018-04-13 at 08:13 +0200, Christoph Reller wrote:
>>> Please, Hans, I kindly ask you to reconsider. I am aware of your
>>> opinion and reasoning about this issue. But I believe that for many of
>>> us users, today's PDFs need to be both, interactive *and* printable.
>>> If there is any way I can help or motivate you, then please tell me ;-)
>> The best way to motivate Hans to implement something you need, is by
>> implementing it yourself and sending him updated core files.
>> Works for me every time ;-)

Well, thank you for this hint Henry, but that works only for those who
can afford the time :-/

> Dear Christoph,
> I take it from your reply that fixing this problem with interactivity
> would likely cause some trouble with the printability? And therefore,
> it's staying as it is to prioritize printability? That's understandable,
> but a bit frustrating, since I still don't have any clue what the actual
> problem is. Could you possibly explain in some more detail or point me
> to a relevant thread?
> Kind regards,
> Lawrence

Dear Lawrence,

(Sorry for changing to bottom posting style.)

This issue is not about a trade-off between print-ability and
inter-activeness. If I understand Hans' position correctly, then at
least part of his reasoning is the following (please correct me if I'm
wrong): It is easy to produce two versions of a document from one
common source, one version for print and one for the screen. The
former needs no interactive links and the latter should best be viewed
fullscreen, i.e., without scrolling, in which case focus=standard is
unnecessary. While I largely agree with this approach, many of the
ConTeXt users (including myself) are not in a position to decide how
their documents should be published. I believe that many of today's
PDF documents still are meant to be both, viewed on screen and
printed. And it's only for this scenario that focus=standard makes

Kind regards,


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