[NTG-context] Reference links with focus=standard option

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Wed Apr 11 19:14:32 CEST 2018

On 04/11/2018 04:35 PM, Lawrence Bell wrote:
> Hi mailing list,
> I'm having some trouble with (interactive) references. I had a quick
> search of the mailing list and couldn't find any talk about this kind of
> issue, so I'm asking now. Hoping you could help me out.
> All is well with the default setting for focus. I don't like that with
> most (?) PDF viewers the default setting changes the zoom level, so I
> usually turn on \setupinteraction[focus=standard] instead. But this
> seems to break (some of) the interactive links. The links to the the
> chapter and item still work, but the links to the formula are broken.

Hi Lawrence,

it seems that something is broken when ConTeXt generates the
destinations for these links.

> As an experiment, I just tried this with a couple different viewers
> (Firefox, Evince, Okular, Xpdf, Qpdfview) and (putting
> \setupinteraction[focus=standard] back in) the link is indeed broken on
> all of them, /except/ for Qpdfview which still seems to understand it.

qpdfview complains after having clicking the link:

    "Error: failed to look up (eq:ref)"
    "Error: failed to look up (eq:ref)"

> What's going on here?

I generated an uncompressed PDF document from your source:

The issue seems to be in the name tree node dictionary:

    35 0 obj
      /Limits [ (#1) (pt:ref) ]
      /Names [ (#1) 15 0 R (#2) 19 0 R (#3) 20 0 R (it:ref) 20 0 R
          (pt:ref) 15 0 R ]

(eq:ref) seems to be missing there. But I have to investigate the issue
further to get a more accurate report.

I hope it helps,


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