[NTG-context] Build for Alpine Linux

Brian Hunt brianmhunt at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 14:26:31 CEST 2018

A few more notes:

1. Missing texlua - found
The missing `texlua` from `bin/` and `tex/texmf-linuxmusl-64/bin` appears
to be a problem originating at the rsync source, notably it appears that
`texlua` is missing from these paths:


The `texluac` also appears to be missing from these paths (but I have not
experienced errors that appear relating to its absence).

2. mtxrun not finding paths
Running `context` results in an error because it cannot find

I can confirm that mtx-context.lua is in an expected path with:

$ /context # find . -name mtx-context.lua

I noted mtxrun checks and sets the `platform` (`os.platform`) variable, and
will use `linux-64` by default.  When musl is being used this ought to be
`linuxmusl-64`.  Two potential solutions are:

 a. have mtxrun detect musl with a call to `ldd --version` when setting
`platform`; or
 b. symlink texmf-linux-64 -> texmf-linuxmusl-64

I tried both but `context` still cannot find `mtx-context.lua`.

The path resolution is complex and challenging to debug, and I expect the
issue may be immediately apparent to some.

I've attached a log of a call to `context` with a number of the traces
turned on, that hopefully sheds some light on the problem.

I'm happy to delve or investigate further as may be helpful, and any
assistance is appreciated.



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