[NTG-context] Learning how to use \setupbtxrendering

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Sun Feb 18 16:00:13 CET 2018

On 2/17/2018 8:29 PM, Alan Braslau wrote:
> HANS: there is one specific comment for you, below.

well, up to you to decide if it's auser overload (at some point we need 
to stop and users should copy/patch setups ... that's the idea

concerning a title with commands ... no way around math in titles i 
guess (and tex math is sort of standard); we can think of having a 
"textitle" field, or abuse "title:en" for the formatted ones

> On Sat, 17 Feb 2018 15:27:03 +0100
> Otared Kavian <otared at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> I am in the process of learning how to use the bibliography mechanism
>> in mkiv, and I would lik eto understand the meanings of the various
>> parameters in the command:
>> \setupbtxrendering [...,1,...] [..,..2=..,..]
>> 1 NAME
>> 2 textstate	= start stop
>> pagestate		= start stop
>> separator		= COMMAND
>> criterium		= previous cite here all none
>> filter		= TEXT
>> specification	= NAME
>> title			= TEXT
>> before		= COMMAND
>> after			= COMMAND
>> dataset		= NAME
>> method		= dataset force local global none
>> sorttype		= short dataset list reference used default
>> cite index repeat		= yes no
>> group		= NAME
>> numbering	= yes no num index tag short page
>> Indeed serveral of them are clear enough (such as dataset), some can
>> be guessed by trial and error (such as numbering=yes or no) but some
>> seem to me obscure or difficult to guess (what would numbering=page
>> mean, or what would separator=COMMAND do, what does the title=TEXT
>> corresponds to, etc).
>> Has someone some examples to play with in order to learn the meaning
>> of these options?
>> Also, in real case document I would like to be able to typeset the
>> bibliography with the following style:
>> the autho's name is followed by a « : »
>> the title of an article is in italic
>> the title of a book is in slanted sans serif
>> the number of the volume is in bold
>> Is it possible to do this by an appropriate setting of btxrendering,
>> without going into the BibTeX file?
>> Thanks in advance for any help: OK
> First of all, don't put any such formatting in the BibTeX file: that is
> a LaTeX-style hack, and we have designed the ConTeXt system to avoid
> any such need. The dataset should contain only data, and hacks should
> be avoided.
> There is some limitation to this. Say, for example that the title
> contains mathematical symbols. One would be hard pressed not to include
> dollar-sign delimiters and math syntax! Another example could be
> "edition={second}" and "edition={2\high{nd}}". Of course, one could
> introduce conversion sets (like for months), but this gets complicated.
> How about "edition={second, revised with corrections}"?
> Most of the customizations that you ask are obtained through setups:
> For the author's name, depends on what you want: " : " after the list
> of authors or after each author? If you want this after the list of
> authors, then one needs to redefine a setup:
>  From publ-imp-authors.mkvi
> \startsetups \s!btx:\s!list:\s!author:others
>      \ifcase\currentbtxoverflow \else
>          \btxparameter\c!otherstext
>      \fi
> \stopsetups
> (this gets called at the end of the author list construction). One could add at
> the end \btxcolon, defined (in publ-ini.mkiv) as
> \unexpanded\def\btxcolon                 {\removeunwantedspaces:\space}
> but you would want a space before, so you would probably want to add, rather
> "\space:\space"
> HANS: perhaps this requested use might call for a new parameter
> (separator:names:5=,) to be put at the *end* of an author list in *all*
> of the appropriate setups, rather than having to redefine the :others
> setup which is sort-of a hack? In this case, Otared would then use
> \setupbtx [apa:list:author] [separator:names:5={\space:\space}]
> (assuming that he uses the apa specification)
> DON'T try this, as we do not implement it (yet)!
> For the other requests:
> \setupbtx [apa:list:title] [style=italic]
> (the default for apa)
> \setupbtx [apa:list:title:book] [style={slanted,sans}]
> (untested)
> \setupbtx [apa:list:volume] [style=bold]
> (apa default is italic)
> On your other questions, a rendering uses the standard list mechanism,
> so some of the parameters (such as pagestate) get passed on. See
> \setuplist
> Others, such as numbering= yes no num index tag short page
> controls the numbering of the list. It is numbering=num (or yes for
> default and aps) but numbering=no (for apa).
> numbering=index puts the dataset index (which depends on an internal
> hash) rather than num which is a cite instance number.
> numbering=tag puts the bibtex tag (as used in \cite).
> numbering=short puts the short tag, for example KAV18, that is a short
> author-year concoction.
> numbering=page, I don't know what this does (in my test, it put "?").
> Many (but not all) of the rendering parameters are described (somewhat)
> in the documentation, which of course is not perfect!
> Alan


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