[NTG-context] italic correction after math

Ulrike Fischer news3 at nililand.de
Tue Feb 13 12:12:55 CET 2018

In the following example the calligraphic P bumps into the following

After some searching in the archive I found some discussions from
2012 and had the impression that this either shouldn't happen or
that the behaviour could at least could be changed with

But in my examples \setupmathematics[italics=...] doesn't do
anything. Every line looks looks identical to me (the second example
is from the header of xits-math.lfg). Is this behaviour expected? If
yes, what should one do to get an italic correction is such cases?


x${\cal P}$x\par
\setupmathematics[italics=1]x${\cal P}$x\par
\setupmathematics[italics=2]x${\cal P}$x\par
\setupmathematics[italics=3]x${\cal P}$x\par
\setupmathematics[italics=4]x${\cal P}$x\par


test $a;b;a; b; f;$ test\par
 \setupmathematics[italics=1] test $a;b;a; b; f;$ test\par
 \setupmathematics[italics=2] test $a;b;a; b; f;$ test\par 
% fontdata
 \setupmathematics[italics=3] test $a;b;a; b; f;$ test\par 
% quad based
 \setupmathematics[italics=4] test $a;b;a; b; f;$ test\par 
% combination of 1 and 3


(xetex inserts a kern of 2.45pt after the math in latex).
Ulrike Fischer 

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