[NTG-context] Bug with module pgfplots ?

Fabrice Couvreur fabrice1.couvreur at gmail.com
Sun Feb 11 13:25:15 CET 2018

Following a standalone context update, all files that use the pgfplots
module produce the following error message :

tex error       > tex error on line 85 in file /home/fab/ntg77.tex: ! You
can't use `the character 7' after \the

<inserted text> 7

\pdflastobj ->\pdffeedback lastobj

<argument> /pgfpat4\space \the \pdflastobj
                                \space 0 R
\pgf at sys@pdf at pdfbackendset@one ...o \noexpand #1#2
                                                  \relax }
<argument> ...pattern at instantiate@north west lines\endcsname
                                                  \expandafter \global
\pgfutil at secondoftwo #1#2->#2

l.85 \stopaxis

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