[NTG-context] XITS Math

Schmitz Thomas A. thomas.schmitz at uni-bonn.de
Mon Feb 5 16:00:53 CET 2018

The following test file runs without errors in the texlive version (2017.05.15 21:48) but fails with the current beta (2018.01.24 10:47); several errors "font with asked name 'xits-math' is not found":

\definefontfamily [test] [serif] [DejaVu Serif]
\definefontfamily [test] [sans]  [DejaVu Sans]
\definefontfamily [test] [mono]  [DejaVu Sans Mono]
\definefontfamily [test] [math]  [XITS Math]

\setupbodyfont [test,10pt]


Hello world. {\ss Sans} {\tt Mono}

\math{a^2 + b^2 = c^2} 


Looks like there is a bug somewhere in the font selection mechanism. 


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