[NTG-context] Django: using ConTeXT mkiv to output PDF

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Sun Jan 28 18:59:59 CET 2018

On 01/26/2018 07:41 PM, kaddour kardio wrote:
> [...]
> i tried this without success :(
> the only workaround u've found for now is to render a tex file and
> copile it manually.

I don’t know how to invoke ConTeXt using Django, but to create booklets
with my favourite text editor (Geany, https://geany.org/).

While --result could handle path in it, my command to create booklets was:

contextjit --purgeall --path="%d" --arguments=filename=%e.pdf
--result=/home/ousia/"%e-2UP.pdf" /home/ousia/A5-to-A4_landscape-booklet.tex

"%d" and %e" stand for directory and file name without extension.

After --path was introduced (or it was mandatory to use it, since
--result cannot handle path in it), my command reads:

cd && contextjit --purgeall --path="%d" --arguments=filename=%d/%e.pdf
--result="%e-2UP.pdf" /home/ousia/A5-to-A4_landscape-booklet.tex

I wonder whether my previous comment might help you to improve your
ConTeXt in Django.

Best wishes,


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