[NTG-context] Placing a figure with a command for the file in mkiv

Otared Kavian otared at gmail.com
Sat Jan 27 12:31:03 CET 2018

> On 27 Jan 2018, at 11:43, Wolfgang Schuster <schuster.wolfgang at gmail.com> wrote:
> […]
> \defineexpandable\...{…}

Hi Wolfgang,

Thanks again! Indeed 


solves the problem in the simplified case I was reporting. 
However in the real case, the file « hacker.jpg » is in fact a file which depends on other variables, and when I include \defineexpandable in the \getvariable environment then it does not work anymore: saying

does not solve the problem.

Below is a minimal example showing the issue (with what you taught me last week…).

Best regards: OK

	\NC Speaker \EQ \getvariable{talk}{speakerfirstname} {\sc \getvariable{talk}{speakername}}
	\NC Title   \EQ \getvariable{talk}{title}    \NC\NR


	title={Up to date hacking},

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