[NTG-context] luatex binary is too old

Roger Mason rmason at mun.ca
Mon Jan 15 14:47:03 CET 2018


I just updated ConTeXt:

context --version                                                                      

resolvers       | trees | analyzing 'home:texmf'
resolvers       | globbing | confusing filename, name: 'README.txt', lower: 'readme.txt', already: 'ReadMe.txt'
mtx-context     | ConTeXt Process Management 1.02
mtx-context     |
mtx-context     | main context file: /opt/context/tex/texmf-context/tex/context/base/mkiv/context.mkiv
mtx-context     | current version: 2018.01.14 15:55

When I try to compile a file:

context --mode=manuscript --result=MineralsGemsMS.pdf --purgeall

I get this error:

!!!!: Your luatex binary is too old, you need at least version 1.05!

Where do I get the updated luatex binary?

I'm running on FreeBSD 10.3, 32 bit.

Thanks for any help,

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