[NTG-context] xtables: rowwise, columnwise, and cellwise operations

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Fri Jan 5 14:32:23 CET 2018

On 1/5/2018 4:57 AM, Henri wrote:
> Dear list,
> The Natural Tables have this great feature that I can control the layout with rowwise, columnwise,
> or cellwise setups.  For example:
> \starttext
> \setupTABLE [frame=off]
> \setupTABLE [r] [first] [topframe=on,bottomframe=on,style=bold]
> \setupTABLE [c] [2]     [style=italic]
> \setupTABLE [2] [3]     [color=red]
> \setupTABLE [r] [last]  [bottomframe=on]
> \startTABLE
>    \NC A \NC A \NC A \NC\NR
>    \NC B \NC B \NC B \NC\NR
>    \NC C \NC C \NC C \NC\NR
>    \NC D \NC D \NC D \NC\NR
>    \NC E \NC E \NC E \NC\NR
> \stopTABLE
> \stoptext

it's also an extremely inefficient method

> How can I do such a thing with Extreme Tables?  If it is not yet possible I'd like to request the
> inclusion of such a mechanism.
from the manual, named setups:

\setupxtable[crap]  [foregroundcolor=blue]
\setupxtable[bold]  [crap][foregroundstyle=bold]

\startxtable % [frame=off]
             \startxcell[suffix]       head a \stopxcell
             \startxcell[blabla]       head b \stopxcell
             \startxcell               head c \stopxcell
             \startxcell[suffix][ny=2] cell a 1 \stopxcell
             \startxcell               cell b 1 \stopxcell
             \startxcell               cell c 1 \stopxcell
             \startxcell               cell b 2 \stopxcell
             \startxcell               cell c 2 \stopxcell
             \startxcell[suffix]       cell a 3 \stopxcell
             \startxcell               cell b 3 \stopxcell
             \startxcell               cell c 3 \stopxcell
             \startxcell[suffix]       cell a 4 \stopxcell
             \startxcell               cell b 4 \stopxcell
             \startxcell               cell c 4 \stopxcell
             \startxcell[suffix]       cell a 5 \stopxcell
             \startxcell               cell b 5 \stopxcell
             \startxcell               cell c 5 \stopxcell

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