[NTG-context] floatcombination alignment has changed?

Christoph Reller christoph.reller at gmail.com
Wed Dec 28 11:43:03 CET 2016

Dear List,

Consider the following MWE:

    \startplacetable[title={Table I}] % <- shifted
    %\startplacetable                   % <- not shifted
        \bTR \bTD Foo \eTD \bTD Text. \eTD \eTR
    \startplacetable[title={Table II}] % <- shifted
    %\startplacetable                    % <- not shifted
          \bTR \bTD Foo \eTD \bTD Text. \eTD \eTR

The resulting output looks strange to me. The tables are shifted to
the left when compared with omitting the titles. In earlier versions
of ConTeXt, no such shift happens.

Do floatcombinations not work?

Any feedback is welcome.


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