[NTG-context] TABLE breaking is weird

Henri Menke henrimenke at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 11:25:16 CET 2016

Dear list,

the problem is hard to describe but TABLE breaking behaves in a weird way.  Please try out the MWE below.  It is reproducible on TL2016 and latest beta.

Cheers, Henri

--- MWE ---


\dorecurse{10}{\input lorem}

    title={Landscape table},

      \NC[nx=6,align=center] Beschriftung \NC\NR

      \NC[nx=6,align=center] Beschriftung (Fortsetzung) \NC\NR

        \NC Merkmal \NC Daten \NC Daten \NC Daten \NC Daten \NC Daten \NC\NR


\dorecurse{10}{\input lorem}


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