[NTG-context] Asymptote or Metapost and ConTeXt parameters.

Jaroslav Hajtmar hajtmar at gyza.cz
Mon Dec 19 08:41:28 CET 2016

Hello ConTeXtist,
I saw the opportunity to insert an Asymptote picture into Context source code (due filter).
For example here: https://mailman.ntg.nl/pipermail/ntg-context/2015/080581.html

Is there a way to pass the ConTeXt parameter which influenced the creation of the Asymptote image? My point eg. the ability to define macros, which gave its parameters to Asymptote procedure or function and depending on these parameters, the image created by Asymptote looked differently.

Before starting work on an illustrative example I am asking, whether it makes sense to deal with such a thing ... I suppose the impossibility of combining asymptote code and such Lua code (or not?).

There is a similar possibility, at least in Metapost? For simpler pictures it would probably suffice ....

Jaroslav Hajtmar

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